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Los ajustes de los motores de la energía grande de Cummins al gas de aceite archivaron el equipo

Número Navegar:0     Autor:Editor del Sitio     publicar Tiempo: 2015-03-31      Origen:motorizado

        On March 26th of 2015, Cummins took part in The 15th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE 2015), Cummins demonstrated   QSK50 electronically controlled dual-fuel diesel and natural gas engines meet Euro 5 emissions according to shale gas fracturing truck , ISX15 truck-mounted drilling machine repair with heavy-duty electronically controlled engine, and KTA38 mechanical rig and slime pump engines.
        In oil and gas field,Cummins has developed the whole series diesel engines, appling for fracturing truck,Cementing truck,Sand mixing truck, Slime pump,mechanical and electric rigs,Workover rig,etc.and offer one-stop service.
        Cummins QSK50 dual-fuel engines, both diesel-drive and also use diesel and natural gas drive. with DOC after treatment, and meet EPA II emission standard.
       Cummins ISX15 engine can meet Euro V emission, its max power is 600HP, Peak torque is 2508 Nm, ultra-low emissions while working to achieve the best efficiency, workover equipment needed to meet the harsh conditions of high intensity operations.
       Cummins KTA38 engine is applied for mechanical rig and slime pump with transmission, updated electrical controlled verison ( QSK38 )engine can meet EPA IIIA emission.

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