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¿Cuáles son las características del motor diesel de la construcción?

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 Construction diesel engine is suitable for dry region, floor, mining, channel, construction, and different application and field.  the requirement are very higher.
 1. According to working load and Max load lasting time, there are three types.
   For bulldozer,scaper and roller need high load,continue to working, so the power rating is according to 12 hours, or 12-1 hours.
   For wheel loader, excavator, motor grader, the loads are medium, the rating is 1 hour,
   For truck crane, forklift, the loads are lower, according to 15 mins rating.
 2. Avoiding to engine shut off under operation, the torque reverse ratio is about 1.15-1.45,and speed available ratio is about 1.7-2.0.
 3. For bulldozer, excavator and scaper, in order to reduce the rushing, it will be needed to incease diesel engine fixness and adopt three point supports.
 4. Installing on all time governor to resolve the load change.
 5. Installing on large volume air filter and centrifugal fuel filter and oil filters, under serious working condition.
 6. Installing on converter, hydraulic pump, forced cooling water pump for engine.
 7. Some engines are needed to installed on PTO to increase output.
 8. some engines is equipped with distributor.
 9. The diesel engine structure parts should be installed according to working condition.
 10.Under specical working condition, such as channel,underground mining,need lower emission and explosion-proof diesel engine.
 11.It can be applied for air cooled diesel engine for dry region.
 If you are interested in Construction engine, please check the link:

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